10 ml Or 30 Ml Bottle Boxes For Packaging The Liquid Product

Why You Must Use the 10ml or 30 ml Bottle Boxes for Packaging the Liquid Product?

30 ml Bottle Boxes:- Do you know how to pack the liquid products into the 10ml Bottle Box? What is the difference between bottle and box packaging? Is the bottle packaging being not enough?

Why the bottle boxes essential for packaging the liquid product? The answers to these above questions you can get in this article. Keep calm to get the answer to these above questions.

Now first get knowledge about the bottle? It’s glass and plastic material with a narrow neck. That is using to store the liquid product because it helps to ship the product safely. After filling the liquid into the bottles, further, it requires extra protection.

At that time, it is essential to pack the bottles into the 30 ml Bottle Boxes. You can keep one bottle in one box that is not a fact, a lot of bottles together. I hope you are thinking about how you can pack a lot of bottles together?

You are thinking either packaging of a lot of bottles into one box will not increase collapses level? Yes, you are right that technologies make the solution to every problem. 

Now, you can pack a lot of affordable quality bottles together by using the dividers. You can use inserts only if you are doing the bottle box packaging. This type of packaging will increase the safety level of your product. Moreover, box packaging will save your economy.

For example, the shipping cost of the product depends upon its weight. You pack each bottle separately into the boxes and then ship. In this case, the prices of shipping charges will become high. Additionally, the shipping cost of the unpack bottle charges also becomes high.

But, if you ship the bottles by packing it into the divider boxes, the shipping cost is reduced. At that time you can transfer a lot of 10ml Bottle Box together at one time.

Advantages of Bottle Box Packaging

There are a lot of advantages you can get by packing the bottles into the boxes. For example, the purchaser always wants to spend money on purchasing the product that is pack. Packaging into the bottles is not enough.

Therefore, after packaging and sealing the caps of the bottles, keep in the boxes.

By using boxes, you can print the product description on it. But this will not print on the surface of the bottle due to less space. So, try to represent your product in an eye-catching way. That would be possible only if you do the printing on the packaging boxes.

Things to Print on the Box Packaging

Get an idea of how to things printed on the 30 ml Bottle Boxes? Try to avoid printing the unnecessary letter. The main element that you need to print on the bottle boxes as below.

1.         Always print the logo of the company.

2.         You can print the ingredient’s name of the product on the boxes.

3.         Always manufacturing and expiry date of the liquid print on the packaging.

4.         You can print the brand name of your company on the surface of the boxes.

5.         The advantages of the liquid product print on the boxes.

6.         In the case of medicine, you can print the usage methodology of the drug.

Why Labeling on the Bottle Box is Essential?

  1. It notices people always prefer to purchase the bottles that deliver all the information of the packed liquid. Suppose you need to keep the two kinds of bottles in front of your customer.

One is the pack bottles into the printed boxes. The second one is the unpack bottles without any labeling. It notices that people usually desire to invest cash for purchasing the pack bottle boxes.

2.         Additionally, you will feel happy and glad by knowing that the selling rate of the liquid product will be double by box printed packaging. You need to spend less money on packaging the bottles. Moreover, you will be able to get gains for long-lasting.

Types of Bottle Box Used for Packaging

While packaging the bottles into the 30 ml Bottle Boxes, make sure that you are using the right packaging material. The different packaging boxes you can use for packaging the bottles that as below.

1.         Plastic boxes

2.         Steel boxes

3.         Aluminum boxes

4.         Glass boxes

5.         Wood boxes

6.         Paper cardboard boxes

If you have not skilled in how to use these boxes for the bottle packaging, do not waste your time. Consult with the experience and designers for creating and packaging the 10- or 30-ml bottle boxes.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Labeling the 10ml Bottle Packaging Boxes

1.         Printing should be long-lasting.

2.         Photogravure paper should be water and heatproof. Make sure your 10ml bottle label packaging boxes can use for indoor as well as outdoor purposes.

3.         The position of the labeling on the 10ml or 30 ml Bottle Box is authentic and eye-catching.

4.         Labeling should be readable and understandable. 

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