20 Tips to Prevent Hair Fall

Does anyone want a bald head? Who doesn’t want to look good with glossy hairs? But this hair fall prevents us from anything. It becomes the main reason for which we have to compromise on our looks and beauty. Hair is common in both males and females. It affects almost one-third of the population that means, one person out of three.

There is a study that shows that a normal human loses 100 hair strands every day and if it becomes more, then it is a matter of concern. You cannot deny the fact that hair fall and hair loss are both two interrelated things. Things become more severe when you get to know the fact that the growth of your hair is not as same as the hair you lose per day and if the same continues, you can be in trouble and can become bald within upcoming years. In this article, you will be witnessing all the ideas that can help you in the prevention of hair fall.

But Don’t you worry. We have all the measures and tricks that will help you in preventing your hair fall. Preventing hair fall is definitely not an easy task. It requires patience, hard work, and determination to get your previous volume back. Growing back hair is a natural phenomenon in which the need is for patience.

Falling of hair is also a natural phenomenon, and thus it should not be considered chronic. If you are losing your small amount of hair, then you need not worry because as previously mentioned it is a natural phenomenon as you only see the falling of hair and not the growth which is automatically done in your skull. Here I am listing some of the natural ideas without any medication that you should follow to prevent hair fall.

20 Tricks and hacks that will Prevent Hair-Fall.

1.    Use Mild Shampoo

Always use a mild shampoo to wash your hair. If you are using a hard shampoo to wash your hair, it will give a better effect temporarily but on a long-term basis, it comes with many problems like hair fall, roughness, and many other problems.

The shampoo is used to clean the scalp and if you are cleaning your scalp with the help of a mild shampoo then it will help prevent hair loss and lower down the risk of infection and dandruff also. Mild shampoo should always be preferred which in turn will also give volume to your hair.

2.     Use of essential oils for scalp massage

There are essential oils available in the market that are strictly designed to prevent hair loss. Massaging the scalp with these essential oils will provide nutrients to your scalp which will keep your head and scalp healthy thus preventing hair loss.

You can also add various add ons like lavender oil, almond oil, and sesame oil. By using these oils you will surely see the result in a few days. Before buying the essential oils read carefully the ingredients and the amount in which it is present.

3.    Take a diet which is enriched with protein

 Protein helps in hair growth and makes your hair strong and smooth. Take a protein-rich diet as it will prevent hair loss. You can add fish, eggs, soy, and various other diets in your meal which are rich in protein content. Take them regularly and see the changes within a few weeks.

4.    Vitamins for hair loss

Vitamins are essential to keep your hair nourished. Vitamins make your hair healthy as well as keep your hair nourished. There are also many parts which are indeed helpful for your hair. Vitamin A tops the list which helps in the production of Sebum in your head scalp which keeps your hair stacked and thus prevents hair fall.

It also prevents dandruff, which is one of the main reasons for hair breakage or hair loss. Vitamin E is also known for providing nourishing elements to your hair. It helps in the increase of blood circulation in the scalp which keeps your hair healthy. Vitamin B is also an essential part of your diet and maintains the natural color of your hair.

5.    Onion Juice may help

Onion has a high amount of sulfur present inside it, which is essentially needed for good hair growth and for healthy hairs. All you have to do is to rub one of the onions on your scalp and leave it as it is for the whole night. This will deliver the essential sulfur needed inside your scalp and thus prevent hair loss and will also increase hair growth. It is one of the main ingredients which is used to increase the blood circulation in your scalp region.

It will help in reviving hair follicles and will reduce inflammation. You only need to be regular in this, apply this onion juice for a week, and just see the change in your hair growth instantly. There are antibacterial properties that are present in onions. If you apply it, it will kill all the bacterias which are causing the scalp infection and thus leading to hair loss. If you do not have onion, you can also apply garlic or ginger juice.

6.    Maintain water content inside your body

Healthy hairs require water. It is the essential need for the growth of your hair and decreasing the hair fall. You might be knowing the fact that your hair shaft consumes one-quarter of the water you drink in a day. So, it becomes essential to drink as much as water you can in a day and it is advised to drink almost 2.5 l of water every day.

7.    Avoid Combing your wet hair

You must know the fact that you should avoid brushing wet hair because when your hair is wet they are in the weakest state. If you comb your wet hairs then it readily increases the chances of hair fall. One thing you should keep in mind while you are brushing your hair is that you should use a wide-toothed comb and you shouldn’t be brushing your combs frequently because it creates chances of scalp damage which increases the chances of hair loss.

8.    Avoid Trying too many products on your hair

Avoid doing experiments on your hair. It not only damages your hair and also increases the hair fall. Try to know which products suit you and which do not. If you are experimenting with too many products then you will become prone to scalp infections and many other hair related problems.

You should know which product suits you and continue using that product until and unless it becomes very essential to change the product. You can also wear a hair mask or keep yourself away from dust by wearing a  mask.

9.    Do not rub wet hairs with a towel.

Do not rub the towel harshly on your wet hair. It will damage your hair and make them weak. Rather than this, try to dry your hair naturally. Take care of your hair because you are the only one who can take care of them.

10. Do not consume too much Alcohol

If you are facing hair fall problems, then it might be because of the high intake of alcohol inside the body. Alcohol reduces the blood circulation in your scalp and thus will stop hair growth. If you are facing this problem, then you should definitely reduce the amount of alcohol intake. Read this article: How to take the first step? It may help you.

11. Green Tea will help

If you are facing hair fall problems then green tea is the solution. Green Tea contains some of the vital nutrients that help the healthy growth of the hair and also prevent the further breaking of hair. If you are rubbing green tea into your scalp, it will help to curb the problem of hair loss. There is a trick to using green tea. First, you have to take two bags of green tea from any company and brand.

Dip them in a cup of water and let them cool. Apply that water to your scalp and also rub smoothly so that your scalp can soak that water comfortably. You have to keep it for one hour and after that, you can rinse your hair thoroughly. You will see the result within a week.

12. Smoking might be the reason

Stop Smoking if you are facing a hair fall problem because smoking reduces the bold pressure that the veins carry to your scalp which becomes the reason behind the hair fall. It is in your hand whether you want hair fall or you have to deplete your health after smoking cigarettes.

13. Physical Activity

Your hormonal balance plays a vital role in your hair health. If you are facing hair fall problems it might be because of your bad hormonal collections in your scalp and it can only be cured by doing any physical work.

If you are doing any physical work, you are keeping your stress level down thus your hormonal balance becomes accurate and thus your hair fall problem can be easily cured.

14. Avoid Stressing too much

 Stress takes away your hair. If you are constantly taking stress then it is scientifically proved that there is a high probability of you falling prey to hair fall. 

You can practice meditation, yoga, and various other stress-reducing activities that will help your body as well as rejuvenate yourself from inside. Your hair will automatically stop falling if you are following this activity.

15. Never Use Chemicals

If you are using Chemicals to style your hair, you are taking away the life of your hair. They are going to reduce your hair life as well as health. Chemicals may help you in the short run to style and look good, but in the long run, they are one of the main reasons behind hair fall problems. So, never use chemicals in your hair.

16. Keep your head clean and away from moisture

If your hair has sustained moisture then you will surely have to face dandruff problems and scalp infection which automatically leads to hair fall. So, keep your head and scalp clean, moisturized, and bacteria-free.

17. Do not overheat your hair

If you are using a hairdryer to set your hair then avoid taking heavy heat treatment and never blow dry your hair. It will destroy your hair completely as they lose their strength and you will be facing hair fall problems. 

So, it is your responsibility to check up on everything and take care of these too. I am again repeating, never ever blow dry your hair on high heat, they are one of the main reasons for breaking of hair.

18. Change how you style your hair

This is especially for men. If you have long hair and you are facing hair fall problems, then you should change your hairstyle as soon as possible.

If you have long hair and are facing hair fall problems, cut short your hair until it’s too late. Once they start breaking and losing their strength, then there is no way coming back.

19. Amla Oil and intake

You must consume Amla in your diet and also use its oil. It is best for hair health and will definitely help to provide your hair strength and maintain their health.

20. Use Egg white and Curd Paste

They are one of the best home-made remedies and natural substances that are primarily known for their hair strengthening powers.

They are one of the best tricks used to prevent hair fall. These substances are rich with sulfur and other vitamins like Vitamin H. By applying them to your hair, your hair will automatically rejuvenate and your hair fall will get prevented.

These are some of the natural tricks that are used to prevent hair fall. Remember if you are still facing hair fall problems by applying these tricks, then your hair fall maybe genetic which cannot be controlled. You have to accept that and move forward from this. But, these tricks are very helpful, I am saying this through my personal experience. Use these natural tricks and see the changes in a few weeks. One of the most important things about these tricks is that they are natural and do not require any kind of medication. Thus, follow them for your good hair health.

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