Advantages Of Private Violin Lessons

5 advantages of private violin lessons

Taking music lessons is one of the most common choices as a hobby or an extracurricular activity. One of the most popular musical instruments that people want to learn is the violin. The violin is not easy to master because of its steep learning curve. However, it has a lot of benefits to give physically and mentally. That is why even adults want to learn to take private violin lessons.

You may be thinking of going to a violin music school to take group lessons. Many opt for that option because it is cheaper compared to hiring a private violin teacher. However, the price should not discourage you from taking private lessons. In this article, we’ll discuss the five advantages of taking private violin lessons. 

Get better at the violin

A violin class will have a standard violin curriculum that is suited for the level of the students enrolled. However, every student has their own type of learning capacities. Thus, it is common that they are violin students who will excel in the class as well as those who will struggle.

Being too good on a violin lesson can make the student impatient. Those who struggle will tend to get frustrated and unmotivated. The best way to learn the violin efficiently is by hiring a private violin teacher. A private violin teacher can help their student focus on getting better at the violin by giving them a personalized syllabus and full-time attention.

Keep motivated in violin

As mentioned, the violin has a steep learning curve. This means that it is not easy to learn, especially the fundamental violin skills. The student getting frustrated and losing motivation in the violin lessons. This can be easily prevented if they take private violin lessons. 

A private violin teacher can hold their students accountable to give them motivation, They can also find ways to make every violin lesson enjoyable. They can also teach a few tricks in order to help the violin student in lessons that they struggle with. Thus, the violin student remains motivated even if faced with hard violin lessons.

Learning more on music theory

Private violin lessons use a good portion of the session in music theory. That is because learning music theory is essential in being able to play the violin. The student must have a good understanding of how chords work together. They should also be able to read and write musical notes.

Music theory is a foundational knowledge if the violin student wishes to get advanced with their violin skills. They will be able to do violin improvisation or create their own violin piece. Thus, they can have a career in violin playing in the future. In a group class, music theory is often neglected. Thus, it is best to hire a private violin teacher to teach you music theory. 

Removing the learning frustrations

Group violin lessons also have benefits to offer especially on the social skills side. However, if you aim to make the most of the violin lesson, taking private violin lessons is the better option. Furthermore, learning in a group can bring frustrations to some especially if they are the ones struggling. In addition to that, there are violin students who feel that they are not ready to play in front of an audience. It is recommended for them to hire a private violin teacher to teach them.

Setting yourself for a successful violin career

Group violin lessons are more ideal if your purpose for learning the violin is for the sake of a hobby. If you are aiming to become a great violinist, you might not achieve that through a group violin lesson. Thus, taking private violin lessons will help you a lot.

Through a private violin teacher, you will be able to learn the fundamentals of playing the violin at a much quicker rate. If you encounter some weak points, you can focus your time in mastering them before you move on to the next. As a result, you will be able to fully master the techniques of playing the violin. Once you master the vital violin techniques, you will be able to set yourself up in becoming a great violinist.

In summary

As what you have read, private violin lessons offer great advantages to aspiring violin players. Therefore, if you are serious about violin playing, this is how you should get your violin education. It may be expensive compared to group lessons. The time and money invested will not be wasted because of great results private lessons offer. To make sure you get a great violin learning experience, hire a private violin teacher from Violin Lessons Singapore. We have certified violin instructors that can give you these five advantages.

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