7 Best Appetizers For Christmas Party

7 Best Appetizers For Christmas Party

Christmas is a very friendly occasion. It keeps your loved ones closer and your enemy to friends. I heard somewhere that on the day of Christmas, no one can deny anyone sorry. My grandpa used to tell me this when I and my siblings fought over gifts in our childhood. So he used to say, come to say sorry and you forgive your sibling. Because this is Jesus Christ’s birthday, and he teaches always to spread love not hate. So this year, at your Christmas party, invite those people whom you haven’t talked to for a long time. Because of some of the misunderstanding. By the way, why we come here and what topic I have to help you. Okay, I am remembering the topic, and come on you also start remembering. Oh yeah, I remember I have to help you with the appetizer that you will serve to your guest at the Christmas party. Look, I remember it not you all. Okay, so before starting let me clear you how I make a menu of appetizers. In this menu savory, sweet both types of appetizer will be. So kids and adults both can enjoy appetizers happily and party too. And yes, all these appetizers if you want, you can make it at your home also. 7 Best Appetizers For Christmas Party

7 Best Appetizers For Christmas Party

Banana muffins

There will be lots of people, who want to eat something sweet but not heavy like Send Christmas cakes online. So for them, this will be the best appetizer. It will not be too sweet and anyone can eat it because it is a healthy muffin, made with the goodness of banana. I am sure your guests will love it. This is quite easy to make with a few ingredients. So you can make it whenever you want or you can order from any bakery shop. It’s your choice.

Chilli mushroom

Wherever you will go to the restaurant for any party, Chinese food is ruling. Especially, when it comes to appetizers, so this will be a tasty and healthy choice. I am sure there will be lots of guests who will be vegan, for them this will be just amazing. Now, because of mushrooms, capsicum and there will be so many things in it. So it’s obvious to be healthy. And yes, in the appetizer don’t forget about the decoration. For decoration order flowers from the best flower delivery in Bangalore. After all, it’s a Christmas party. Everything should be at the top.


So many people avoid having a heavy main course. They love to have appetizers and desserts. Because the temperature during Christmas is dropping so much. So soup should be on your appetizer menu. It will keep your guest warm and it will light for them. There are so many options in soup in vegan tomato soup, sweet corn soup, etc. In non-veg also there are lots of options. Just like when you order cake online. There are several bakery shops listed in front of you.

Chicken tikka

Chicken tikka is also one of the stars of any party appetizer. Especially, for all non-veg lovers, without it, their party can’t be complete. This is not so heavy but it is filled with lots of spices and roasted juicy chicken. Your non-vegetarian guests will be very happy to see it on your menu. So definitely keep it.

Rosemary Focaccia

It is a small, delicious, and cute savory appetizer, which doesn’t look savory. First, you need to make focaccia bread, which is easy to make. After that, you just need some rosemary, and roasted garlic for it’s a topping. Look how easy it is and taste just mesmerizing.

Chilli chicken wings

This is one of those appetizers which can make any non-veg lover mouth watery. This is also easy to make with some minimum preparation. This is as delicious. So you can’t skip it from your menu.

Chocolate ball

This is one of my favorite sweet appetizers. Every kid loves it so much. It is also a quick making appetizer but without compromising in taste. It can make anyone a kid, and greedy for chocolate. These chocolate balls look so beautiful when they are ready.

So these are the few appetizers that will make your guest crazy. All these appetizers don’t need lots of ingredients. So you don’t feel any problems while making it. Some appetizers need time, but apart from one or two, all are not needed a lot of time. Don’t worry, I can give you a guarantee, your guest will say thanks to you. You know why, for these amazingly delicious appetizers. So be ready to get lots of thanks from lots of smiling faces.

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