New Off Road LED Light Bar Kit For Your 2019 Ford Ranger

A New Off Road LED Light Bar Kit for Your 2019 Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger is a great little pickup – and no aspersion is cast by the term “little.” It is one of the more popular pickups in the country, along with the Dodge Dakota. It may lack the abject size and power of larger pickups like the F-150 or F-250, but the Ranger can squeeze into areas that larger pickup trucks and it’s more economical as well.

On that note, there are times when auxiliary light is very valuable, even if you don’t use your pickup truck as an off road vehicle. Nonetheless, an off road LED light bar and associated kit can be highly useful tools on the trail, in the field, and even as an impromptu work light or spot light.

When you do make use of off road LED Light bars and kits for your vehicle and intend to put them to a variety of uses at that, it’s helpful to work with equipment that you can stand behind, equipment that is tough and reliable. Consider the off road LED light bar kit that Diode Dynamics recently released for 2019-2021 Ford Rangers.

This light bar kit is made from heavy-duty, powder coated steel that is tough, strong, and able to resist the influence of the elements and adverse conditions. If it were about the mounting kit alone, this model would be able to rest on the laurels of durability alone – but it brings much more to the table than that.

It is also CAD designed for direct fitment to 2019-2021 Ford Rangers and will give the look of OEM style equipment or a custom job. Because it is designed for direct fitment to manufacturer mounting points, it requires you as the vehicle owner to make no unnecessary modifications to your vehicle. You don’t need to cut, drill or change anything out. Diode Dynamics has refined this process perfectly and elegantly, saving you time, money and effort.

This kit gives you the option to mount either one 18” light bar or two 6” light bars to the front bumper opening, depending on your preference; the kits also contain all of the necessary mounting hardware and wiring harnesses that you need to make the installation yourself. Additionally, Diode Dynamics serves as a helpful resource that you can tap into for assistance as well.

As for the actual LED light bars that you can pair with these kits, they are designed to take LED off road lights that are available in a number of highly practical and useful light patterns. The LED light bars that you can pair with these come in either a driving pattern, a wide pattern or a combo pattern that is somewhat practical as a flood beam pattern.

The LED chips that are paired with these assemblies also capitalize on Diode Dynamics’ TIR Technology, also known as Total Internal Reflection, which directs and focuses all of the light output where you need it, without wasting any light glare or scattering. The resulting light output appears brighter and better focused.

They’re also remarkably tough, and can withstand temperatures between -40 and 185 F, while at the same time being resistant to corrosion, moisture intrusion and even vibration. Whether you get these off road LED light bar kits singly or as a pair, they come with an 8 year warranty as well as a 30 day money back guarantee – with no restocking fees. Like everything else that Diode Dynamics produces and sells, they also come with Diode Dynamics’ legendary 100% customer satisfaction guarantee – so fear not. Besides, if you have any questions, you can always call them up at 314-205-3033.

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