Choosing The Best Material For Your Banner

Are you confused between the material you want to use for your custom banners Vancouver? When you are ready after finalizing the banner, you have chosen to spread the awareness message but confused between choosing the material you want, you have to ask yourself few questions such as what size, design, stand or picture display options do you want?

Since the answer to such questions will open the door of knowing’s you need to have for serving your investments in the best manner to get the most out of it.

There are in general two options you can choose from, vinyl and fabric. However, the fabric base banners have a slight advantage over the other in terms of the services that can cater in some environments and the friendly usage of it, but these are limited and gets change based on the scope of what an individual wants to cover and what’s his target audience. 


To answer this, we will be talking in-depth about the most important factors one need to check in detail before opting for one and they are:

· COST- Which has the highest credibility in terms of keeping the budget in a maintained manner and getting the most out of the investments that have been made.

· APPEARANCE- No matter which material you use, you want your banner to have such a fine appearance where it can serve the purpose of why it was created and can also attract a mass number of targeted audiences.

· MAINTENANCE- This has the most weightage since you have invested a good amount in the right appearing banner which is loved by your audience, if you are unable to maintain through a required period then the whole process needs to be repeated. 

Let’s talk about these important factors in detail:


The cost-related factors include the size, material used, cost of ink which is measured by the quality of the image used as well the density of the background ink color, final finishing, and the lead time where you will be charged more for the same banner if the need for it is urgent by postponing the already pending orders.

· SIZE- The size of the banner you use will lay down the foundation of other factors involved. It directly affects the cost it will take to carry out the whole banner and further set the other factors in the equation correctly.

The size of the banner decides how much will it cost based on the material used, printing images, method of finishing, appearance, and labor required.

· MATERIAL- As we all know; different material is used for serving different purposes and decided the overall cost of the banner. Typically, fabric banners are preferred across the board since it has an edge over the vinyl in term of durability and more usage.

· INK USED- The ink has a very pivotal role to play in carrying out the special and technically correct banners which meet the requirement of the equation.

The ink used will determine the durability and longevity of the banner. Most of the high-quality printers which are used made to perform in such a manner that the ink should long last on the banners without putting a big hole in the pocket, an idea which is preferred by most of the companies for carrying out their operations.

· FINISHING TOUCH- Giving your banner a finishing touch will be done once your banner is ready after the printing and it is now ready to fulfill the purpose it was built for and let it display properly the message that has been printed upon.

Most of these banners have pole pockets, Velcro, or a simple straight trimmed hold and the fabric banners need a different trimming method called a hot knife.

· LEAD TIMES- This is applicable in both cases since the frequency at which the order is placed and received makes the cost go up and down accordingly.


The major difference which can be found between the vinyl and fabric-based banned is the texture and translucency with the final product.

However, it has been seen that banner printing Vancouver banners turned out to be to have a much better appeal to the photos printed because of their unique surface structure.

A matte surfaced banner is an excellent choice for photography purposes as they will still carry out a smooth shiny or glare surface when the ink is applied to it.


No matter which material you use, the maintenance if either is quite basic and can be carried out simply given that it has been used under normal using conditions.

However, fabric banners are preferred here more as well because it allows the folding to be done and can be stored in cold indoor places without damaging it up to any noticeable mark.

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