Cristiano Ronaldo Scored Twice

Cristiano Ronaldo Scored Twice In A Juventus Game After Returning Safely From Covid-19

Cristiano Ronaldo of Juventus celebrates scoring goals with Federico Chiesa.
Ronaldo scored 3 minutes after coming off the bench and then converted to a penalty kick leading Juventus to a 4-1 Serie A victory in Spezia. Spezia enjoyed their first season in Serie A and started strong in the second half, but when Ronaldo came on, everything changed.
Italy-Province of La Spezia
n his return from the COVID-19 infection on Sunday, Cristiano Ronaldo had a direct impact, scoring three minutes after playing as a substitute, after which he will be Juventus’s. The penalty was converted to a 4-1 Serie A victory. When the 35-year-old entered the campaign, the Serie A champions equalized with a score of 1-1. He scored three points within 20 minutes of his arrival, ranking second.

Alvaro Morata and Adrien Rabiot are also on the list, as Andrea Pirlo rebounded after the first three Serie A games -Excluding their 3-0 knockout against Naples. Morata had three goals in a 2-0 home defeat against Barcelona on Wednesday and could not be offside. Still, in the 14th minute, Juventus (Juventus) swept home Weston McKennie’s. When the cross became VAR, Juventus took the lead.

The comeback
The target was initially marked as offside but then granted through a VAR check. Morata made another offside effort before Spezia counterattacked, and Tommaso Poipega deflected a field goal within 32 minutes. Spezia enjoyed their first season in Serie A and started to perform strongly in the second half of the year, but when Ronaldo played, everything changed. Morata passed the ball to the Portuguese almost immediately, and a sudden acceleration caused him to pass his marker and then pass the ball over Ivan Provedel.

When eight minutes passed, Rabiot broke through from the left, cut into a defender, and stuffed a cheeky shot into the goal post.

Federico Chiesa (Federico Chiesa) left on the left and was overthrown by Paolo Bartolomei (Paolo Bartolomei). Ronald (Ronaldo) played a decent Panenka style for his fifth league goal this season. The score is scored from the scene.

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