Ease in Travel Restrictions May Significantly Impact Locum GPs

Ease in Travel Restrictions May Significantly Impact Locum GPs

People are returning to their regular daily routine amid the pandemic situation. Many states in Australia are starting to ease the restrictions set by the Australian government. It includes easing out travel restrictions regarding the travel requirements of the healthcare workers, including locums and general practitioners (GPs). It has further eased out the operations of GP clinics that are dependent majorly on locum doctors.

Read through the information to know how each state has worked out the travel plan concerning healthcare workers.

The Queensland

Any resident of Queensland can cross the border and work in South Australia, South Wales, and the Northern Territory with an entry pass. However, few people are exempted from the restrictions, such as workers with an approved biosecurity plan and the workers entering for an urgent purpose. It means that the GPs can shift to their clinics without the hustle. Many GP recruitment agencies may experience an overload of work as the vacancies may rise for GP jobs in Australia.

The New South Wales

People visiting residential aged care facilities, including GPs and locums, should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Have been vaccinated against influenza
  • Have no symptoms, such as cough, fever, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath
  • Have not been in contact with any COVID-19 patient in the last 14 days
  • Visitors should be limited to a maximum of two people in a day

With the ease in travel restriction to enter or leave the New South Wales, locum GPs may find it easy to travel to and for their medical job requirements.

South Australia

All the travelers returning to South Australia from Victoria are required to fill a Cross Border Travel Approval form through the SAPOL website. Travelers who may return to South Australia from Victoria from 24 October may include:

  • Students who are studying in Victoria and returning to South Australia.
  • People are relocating to South Australia from Victoria for work purposes. They must provide a contract for employment in SA. It includes GPs and locums who are planning to relocate to resume their medical duties.
  • Travelers driving to Western Australia and are passing through South Australia.


Employers are asked to issue a work permit to their employees if they require their staff to work on Victoria’s site. The dates on permits can be edited and added by employers. From 27 September 2020, hospitals can allow visitors to visit for up to 2 hours per day, provided they wear a face mask and follow the operating rules.

The Chief Operating Officer has imposed the following restrictions on the visitors and staff visiting the care facilities.

  • Workers and visitors must provide a declaration in writing that they do not carry coronavirus symptoms and have not been in contact with a confirmed patient of COVID-19.
  • Healthcare facilities are required to maintain a record of workers and visitors, including the date and time of arrival and departure, along with their contact details.
  • If any healthcare facility notices the pandemic outburst, it may limit the workers and visitors. Moreover, the employees working in such facilities should wait for at least 14 days and have a negative test result before they can resume work.

Use this information to your advantage if you’re returning to work as a locum. And, if you’re looking to hire healthcare professionals for GP locum jobs in Australia, you can connect with the healthcare recruitment experts at Medfuture, a leading healthcare recruitment agency offering GP jobs across Australia.

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