Top Places Of Chile

Explore The Top Places Of Chile and Get A Glimpse Of South America!

Want to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life? Planning a trip to some exciting destination is the best way to refresh your soul and energy. If you are also looking for the perfect destination for your vacation, then Chile would be a great choice. Go for Volaris My Trip if you want to fly affordably.

Chile is one of the most charming countries in South America and is a combination of volcanoes, mountains, glaciers, and deserts that make it adventurous around the world. There is no dearth of places to visit in Chile as it is loaded with fascinating tourist attractions that will make you drop your jaw in awe. If you are an adventure buff, then you must visit Chile at least once in a life. Here is the list of places to explore in Chile to make your vacation worth a memory.

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  • Valle de la Luna And the Atacama Desert

Recognised as a valley to the moon, this place is situated closer to the border of Bolivia at the northern end of the country. Visitors can enjoy self-drive car rentals, tour buses, bike rides, and many more of these things. In this desert, you will witness dry lake beds, which are white due to the salt deposition in it. These dry lake beds are prone to the natural saline outcrops production. Cavern is another popular feature of the Atacama Desert, some of them contains the evidence of pictographs that were created by the early man. 

  • Torres Del National Park

It is one of the most natural and famous areas of Chile. It covers more than 100 kms north of Puerto Natales city in southern Patagonia. Torres Del National Park is extremely charming and emcompasses innumerable rivers, glaciers, mountains, and lakes. The most popular area of the park is Cordillera del Paine. Visitors can enjoy hiking, walking, and other activities here. Trekking is also available here and professionals guides are there to ensure your safety. Do plan a visit to this place when in Chile. 

  • Santiago

Known for bringing business and financial capital, Santiago is also the cultural capital of Chile. It is known as the entertainment centre of the country where you can enjoy various fun activities, can go shopping, can visit galleries and museums, can stay in luxurious hotels, and can enjoy food in the best restaurants. Santiago is the hub of transportation and most visitors start their Chilean tour from this city only. They prefer to spend some time in Santiago and then go to other places. Tourists love to stay in the capital city of Chile. 

  • Valparaiso

Settled between the coastal mountain range and the sea, Valparaiso is the third-largest city of the country. It is situated at a distance of 112 km away from Santiago towards the northwest direction. If you are looking for a perfect day trip location from Santiago, then it is an excellent destination. Valparaiso is well-known for its unique architecture and convex streets. The city is home to countless lovely harbours and beaches where vacationers can enjoy lots of fun activities. You can explore various attractions of the city on your day trip like the Naval and Maritime Museum, the Lord Cochrane’s Museums, etc. 

  • Easter Island and Rapa Nui National Park

Though this island is located at a distance of 3500 km from mainland Chile, it is still one of the most visited tourist attractions. This place attracts a bulging number of explorers towards it owing to the remarkable stone sculptures. There is a statue, named Moai, which was created by Rapa Nui and that’s why this park is known as Rapa Nui National Park. one of the most famous attractions of the island is Ahu Tongariki, which is a collection of 15 statues. These statues have been built on the island’s platform or ahu. 

  • Pumalin Park

Pumalin Park is one of the most explored locations of Chile. It was established in 2005 as a natural sanctuary and since then it has become the most popular and important conservative area in Chile. It is stretched around 988000 acres of area that is spread from the Andes to Pacific. The area offers some of the most pristine forest cover and coastline. This area is very natural and pretty as it is not touched for development purposes by any human. A wide range of flora and fauna is also available here that involve some oldest trees and several other such species. 
Chile is loaded with various stunning attractions and the above-mentioned places are the major and the most popular. These locations are in the top of the list of the best locations in Chile. Plan a trip to Chile now with Qatar Airways reservations and fly without emptying your bank balance.

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