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Fantastic Fake Topiary For Garden That You Will Fall In Love With

Let’s face it! Fake topiary for the garden has now become a thing. If you are new to topiaries, you might be wondering what it is. Okay, let us introduce it to you first. The topiary is a form of horticultural practice that involves the clipping of trees or shrubs. The aim is to give those trees or shrubs different geometric or fanciful shapes. So, we hope you now understand what it is. You have probably seen many topiaries here & there in your life & admired their beauty, but you may not know how tough & expensive it is to develop topiaries & maintain them. It is where fake topiaries come to the scene. Many people want to decorate their gardens with topiaries but are concerned with the expense & maintenance. Thus, they resort to artificial topiaries. Here in this article, we aim to share some beautiful fake topiaries for garden decor with our readers. So, without any further delay, let us get started!

Circular duo fake topiary

The first topiary on our list is the garden duo fake topiary. As you can guess from its name, it is a two-part exclusive artificial topiary for your garden. It is a beautiful circular showpiece consisting of two circular-shaped green leafy balls, one top of another. The one situated at the top is smaller in size than the one that is below. It looks realistic, just like any other live topiaries. Besides using this in your garden, you can also use it in pairs against your doorways. It will beautifully welcome you & your guests every time.

Lily artificial topiary ball

Now, let us talk about the second topiary in our list: our personal favorite- lily artificial topiary ball. Around 30 cm in size, this circular shaped topiary ball is a fascinating showpiece for any garden. It is a ball-shaped topiary consisting of thick & green leaves along with pretty purple lilies. A superior combination, don’t you think? It also comes with a removable chain that you can use to hang it. It is a super-realistic topiary ball & requires zero maintenance. We will definitely recommend you to get one of these.

Hydrangea garden topiary ball

Well, the third topiary on our list is without any doubt the most distinctive one on the list. Why? It’s because this topiary is a flower only topiary. From its exterior looks, you will not notice any sign of green leaves, only hydrangeas. You may find different colors of hydrangea topiaries in the market. But we will advise you to get the cream-colored one if possible because the cream-colored topiary will stand out no matter where you place it in your garden. Just imagine, a white or cream-colored non-leafy topiary among your other green topiaries, simply superb!

Artificial topiary obelisk

If you want to add some height to your garden border, our fourth topiary is definitely meant for you. We are talking about the artificial topiary obelisk here. It is 90 centimeters in height & doesn’t require any kind of maintenance. We suggest you get multiple of these to highlight the borders of your garden.

Circular trio fake topiary

The fifth topiary is similar to the first topiary on our list. As you can guess from its name, it’s a three-part unique topiary that will beautify your garden. It consists of three circular shaped bushy topiary balls. There are three balls in total. The ball that is situated at the bottom is the biggest, the second one on top of it is a bit smaller & the last one is the smallest one among the three. It requires no maintenance & brings classical vibes to your garden with ease.

Artificial topiary swirl

The final topiary on our list is also one of our most favorites. It is a twist shaped topiary. With certainty, it is the most royal looking among all the other topiaries that we mentioned in this list. We suggest you put a couple of these in front of the garden entryways. You can also use them in front of your house doors. This topiary looks best in these two positions.


Dear reader, you have come to the end of our article regarding beautiful artificial topiaries for gardens. We hope you enjoyed reading our article. If you have any other fake topiary for the garden in your mind, please feel free to share it with our readers in the comment section below.

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