Festivals of Speed

Festivals of Speed- Origin, Information, and Upcoming Events in 2020

Origin and Habitat of the Festival

Festival of Speed ​​was established in 2004 and has held 3 to 4 large-scale events every year for 13 consecutive years. Their mission is to provide high-end festivals where car lovers and collectors of cars, motorbikes, yachts, airplanes, and luxury goods can participate in a weekend carnival and relaxation.

Where is it held?

Currently, they operate in Amelia Island, Orlando, and St. Petersburg during the Concours weekend. They also work in California and New York. Festival of Speed ​​only runs in hotels that provide the best accommodation and services. These properties right now include the well-known Ritz-Carlton, Omni Amelia Island Plantation, Grand Lake, Courtyard by Marriott Renaissance, and Mission Inn Resort & Golf Club.

What kind of activities are held at the Festival of Speed?

The weekend activities allow guests to taste and explore various unique products and services provided by sponsors. Activities include a luxury lifestyle Jetport reception, wine connoisseur dinner, yacht exhibition, car experience, art and jewelry exhibitions, and more. On the primary event presentation day, they had more than 20,000 attendees, and at the Luxury Lifestyle reception, there were more than 700 attendees. Our boutique experience (such as wine connoisseur dinner, Italian food experience, etc.) usually attracts 100-250 participants to provide a very unique and intimate experience.

In addition to large-scale event production, Speed’s Festivals ​​also specializes in automobiles and luxury brands’ advertising and marketing. By accessing the best venues, rare wines/spirits, exotic vehicles, and a proprietary customer database, we have helped brands develop qualified sales leads and increased customer retention for 14 consecutive years. Make up your mind to attend any upcoming event at the festivals of speed. Travel has been resumed, and you can travel on board withCopa Airlines Reservationsby following proper security guidelines.

Upcoming event at the Festivals of Speed


‘The Jekyll Island Club is known as “the richest, most unique and least accessible club in the world.”  You can participate in activities at the elite  Club Resort of Jekyll Island and enjoy a weekend of comfort, relaxation, and some beautiful cars.

This will be an unorthodox convention for car owners and enthusiasts who wish to show off their cars on the sacred lawns of this historic resort while enjoying top-notch accommodation, handmade cocktails, delicious food, and good friends. This is not an official event and will not be promoted to the public. This weekend is a place for all car owners and car lovers to enjoy passion.

Jekyll Island Club car display

The event is going to be held on Sunday, December 13, 2020. It will be held from 10 am to 2 pm. In this original hotel, have a great day with the owner. There is no formal itinerary because it’s all about enjoying this holiday with like-minded friends. High-quality wines, handcrafted cocktails, and delicious food will be readily available. The display lawn overlooks the water feature and is the ultimate setting for such activities. You can judge the car if you want, but it will be evaluated in an informal and relaxed manner to keep it entertaining. You can register your vehicle at the event for a fee of 50 USD.

The event is coming. Hurry up! And make your time to go here by making Copa Airlines Reservations so you can call Copa Airlines Telefono. You’ll be able to get great festive deals. Have fun and show off your beast of a cars.

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