Gaining Superiority in Electromagnetic Spectrum For Security and Defence

In 2016, South Korea pledged to award a 15 billion won contract to any company that can develop a technology to build an alternative land-based radio system called eLoran. The goal was to have a robust GPS and timing system in place to tackle the repeated interference with its satellite signals by its North counterpart. This is just one among the many examples that testifies the vulnerabilities of Electromagnetic Spectrum and how the same can be harnessed for one’s security goals.

Owing to the abounding potential of EMS, the idea of security and defence has greatly evolved over the years. Thus, it becomes crucial for organisations, especially those in critical infrastructure sector, to at least have some expertise in EMS or remain well-equipped with EMW-based technology.

Helping organisations achieve their security and asset protection goals, Bharat Aero has been researching on the impact of Electromagnetic waves on drones. The company distinguishes itself as a research company that strives in yielding new results in EMW Analytics through prototyping and simulation methods. With this, it paves way for OEMs in developing and delivering an effective software to their clients.

Despite such efforts, there is no denying the fact that indigenous development of aerial robotics and its associated technology is still at a nascent stage in India. However, it should be noted that unlike earlier, today, with the rapid advancement in digital technology, electromagnetic waves-based systems have taken the forefront in how security is being viewed. In addition to this, as aerial robotics become smaller and smarter, the scope that EMW holds gets more immense.

By leveraging the potential of EMW, it becomes imperative for organisations in vulnerable sectors to equip themselves with EMW-based system to protect themselves against any adversaries. Gaining operational superiority in the electromagnetic domain is the need of the hour because the risks pertaining to EMW no longer remain in theory – they are already happening.

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