Halls Of Residence Or Home

Halls of Residence or Home? Which Makes a Better Place to Live During College

Deciding on home vs halls is among the first few problems a university student has to answer. The halls of residence offer a completely new and often challenging experience for the young undergrads. While a home is a familiar and comfortable space, we rarely want to leave.

Both the accommodation has its own merits and demerits. While it is always recommended to explore, sometimes comfort is more desirable. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of halls to help you decide on the two accommodations. 


  • Easier to Socialise

Life in University halls is all about socialising, that involves your roommate, your neighbours, and some random people in hallways. You get to make new friends easier. Sometimes we are forced to make friends, and in the end, it turns out to be great.

  • No Need to Cook

Not many college students prefer to cook before they run towards the classroom. Without a cook, expect outside food almost every day. It is unhealthy and super expensive.

Universities have dining halls to provide healthy food to students in a budget. However, it will be tough for you to make it on time of breakfast.

  • Enough Options

You get to choose the room of your choice based on your preferences and budgets. With more money, you can have some amenities in the room to make life more comfortable. Some universities even offer personal spaces to the students. Though, they will cost you way more than shared accommodation.

  • No Need to Clean

Cleaning might be the biggest drag for any young adult. This could be the most procrastinated task ever in the history of any boy’s room. And the university knows it very well.

They provide janitors and cleaners to take care of sanitation and hygiene. You don’t have to wake up with the mammoth task of cleaning the room.

  • No Separate Bills

There are no additional or separate bills that come with the rent or fees of the hall. You pay for the amenities and utilities once every year.

  • Fun Activities

Living with roommates with no supervision from the parents invites endless fun activities throughout your tenure. You will find new reasons to avoid studying every night. The parties will go throughout the year if you have the right company.

  • Safety Standards

The facilities offered by universities comply with the highest safety and health standards. There is no compromise with the wellbeing of the students at these premises. It is their responsibility to take care of the students with their best efforts possible.

  • Help will Always be There

Even at midnight, you can consult the resident advisor for some help. They are always available to guide students and solve their problems. This is extremely helpful in any case of emergency.

  • The home will Be More Special

Until now, you have spent almost your whole life at home. The moment you leave it, you know how special were those moments. The home is no longer the default place to sleep.

You find yourself trying to visit home more often. However, once you reach home, you are sure to miss the residence halls.

  • Complete Independence

You are no longer under the supervision of your parents or guardian. You rarely have to take permission from the authorities to travel. This freedom and independence are one of the most prominent reasons why people chose to live in halls instead of home.


  • More Expensive

Halls are more expensive than homes because there are no rent or additional charges in the later. In addition to these, expenses such as night outs, parties, and food are more. Add the price of buying new essential stuff for living in halls. You can apply for quick students’ loans to cover these expenses.

  • Unknown Company

You don’t have any idea about the habits of your roommates. They can be serious about their hygiene or simply gross. Based on their lifestyle, your life can very well become a living hell.

  • Distractions

There are endless distractions while you stay at the university halls. Your roommates or neighbours will always be up to something. And before you know it, you will join them in their activity, leaving the studies at bay.

  • Constant Noise

Noise is the one constant in everyday life of hall students. There will be some birthday celebrations or some musicians practising at late nights. You will find many night owls that make sure the noise is still there at day or night.

  • Answerable to the Authorities

While there are no parents or guardian to take note of your every action, the authorities are still there to maintain decorum. You cannot leave the room by banging the door in front of them. If they ask you something, you have to answer it. And not to mention the disciplinary actions that include suspension as well.

  • No Me Time

Residence halls might not be the place for you if you prefer spending time alone. You will have a company almost every hour of the day. Consider yourself lucky if you often find the room to yourself.

  • No Frequent Home Visits

You cannot visit the home frequently once you get settled in the university halls. It can take months over even the whole semester before you visit your home town. And the visits might be short as well.

  • Roommates are Random

You do not choose the roommates while you live in halls. This means the other persons are entirely random. There is a very good possibility that they might have precisely the opposite preferences than you. This can create rift and problems over time.

  • Home-Sickness

The home-sickness is extremely tough to overcome for students. And what makes it worse is the small visits to your home after a very long time.

  • Unsafe Possessions

Your possessions are not safe at university halls. People might steal them, sometimes unintentionally. You have to keep your important stuff in the locker to prevent any stealing. Take note of items that people borrow from you and ask them if they forget to return it.

In the end, it depends on how willing are you to leave the comfort of the home and face the new challenges of independent life. It will be tough to find the peaceful tranquillity at halls. But the noise is itself an experience some people will miss their entire life.

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