Hot Water Extraction Vs Encapsulation

Hot Water Extraction Vs Encapsulation – Commercial Carpet Cleaning Pros and Cons

Carpet in your office or commercial facility is often a good investment. Investments that require routine maintenance, such as changing your car oil or washing and waxing your car. If you don’t wash and wax your car, the paint will spoil more quickly. The same is true for carpets in your facility.

Which cleaning method is right for your needs? In today’s article I will discuss the pros and cons of Hot Water Extraction and Encapsulation. First we must understand the type of carpet we care for. Almost all commercial rugs produced today are circular with the chemical composition of olefin. Olefins are oil-based products so they attract oil. Which sometimes makes it difficult to clean. Don’t be afraid that a proper maintenance schedule based on the amount of foot traffic will give you a carpet that looks clean for years to come. At the end of this article I will provide a final recommended cleaning schedule.

Let’s first take a look at the pros and cons of Hot Water Extraction. Let’s put 1 important point to rest. There is no such thing as carpet steam cleaning point cook. There is not enough moisture to rinse the carpet pile with “all the steam.” Plus, no commercial or truck carpet cleaning machine can generate steam right at the end of the stick. So, all water based cleaning is hot water extraction. Water boils at 212 degrees at sea level. Yes. There seems to be a stream of steam coming out of the tip of the magic wand as you clean, although the effect is still the same when you go out on a cold day, breathe hard and see steam coming out of your mouth.

Most commercial equipment will push nearly 200 degrees off the end of the magic wand. It’s hot! This is one of the drawbacks. Too much hot water extraction tends to aggravate the base layer of the carpet. It also create another condition called Dry Rot. Dry Rot is not technically dry rot. This is because carpets are soaked and then dried too often. This should be called the Wet Rot. Another disadvantage is the amount of wet time or the length of time it takes to dry. Safety issue with doors not secured during cleaning which is usually done after business hours. The greatest advantage of the Hot Water Extraction process is its ability to flush carpet piles and then extract them. Almost completely eliminates allergens, dust and dirt. Next let’s discuss Encapsulation. Then we’ll cover how the two work together to create a nearly perfect maintenance plan for your facility.

Encapsulation Pros and Cons. First I have to briefly describe the encapsulation process. Caution: the description of this encapsulation is not scientific. It is kept basic so that most people can easily understand it.

Encapsulation is a special solution that is applied to carpets by a spray type. Then it’s machined into the pile by some kind of agitation – usually a rotating floor machine with scrub pads attached to the hood or carpet. The solution surrounds the fibers like a carpet protector. Though the fiber will dispel or release more surface soil. When the carpet is vacuumed, it will further attract more dirt from the fibers. Finally, the layer that attracts non-soil to the damaged fiber is sucked into the vacuum. The advantage of encapsulation is that most spots don’t re-appear – the carpet isn’t wet enough to wick, dries quickly, and stays clean longer. It also reduces the chance of Dry Rot and does not damage the carpet base. It’s a much faster cleaning process. The only con I can see with the encapsulation process is not completely dousing the carpet pile. This is where we combine the two processes for an almost perfect carpet care schedule.

The Carpet & Rug Institute, the leading authority in commercial carpet maintenance recommends that for every 3 to 4 encapsulation processes that 1 hot water extraction process should be performed. This will reduce the time required for hot water extraction and extend the life and appearance of your commercial carpet without compromising the quality or cleanliness of indoor air.

Depending on how much traffic is passing through your facility usually determines the frequency of cleaning. The frequency can be every two months, quarterly or every 6 months. Wrapping the carpet will also save you money. Encapsulation is a much cheaper process because of its speed and does not run truck equipment. I’ve heard of encapsulation cleanings as low as 5 cents per square foot. I’ve never seen a reputable company offer hot water extraction for less than 10 cents per square foot.

Your carpet cleaning wollert professional can provide a better picture of what is best for your facility. I hope this article helped you make an educated & informed decision about carpet maintenance for your office or facility.

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