Avoid Documents Rejection from USCIS?

How To Avoid Documents Rejection from USCIS?

USCIS is supposed to be very strict for the foreigner’s legal documents. They need to ensure the authenticity of all the documents coming across from the different countries. Since there are many translations agency providing translation services to their clients. However, right certified translation services are the only way to avoid document rejection from USCIS.

USCIS provides services whether it is citizenship, working rights, or green card to immigrants. Moreover, any document that came across the borders of the USA needs verification under the guidelines of USCIS. A document that has been successfully translated before into English would only be accepted by USCIS. Thus, it can only happen once you hire suitable certified translation services.

From Business owners to students, every individual wants to get the best quality translation services for their documents. USCIS has to review all the documents to verify authenticity without having any doubt. They inspect every word of the document deliberately. However, they also need a translated copy of the original documents to match all the information. Therefore, avoiding mistakes to happen after translation is crucial on both sides.

Let’s take a quick view at requirements of USCIS:  

USCIS requirement for translated documents

Whether you apply for the green card application or citizenship, you need to fulfil the translation requirements required for USCIS. The documents must follow the strict and accurate rules of USCIS. The rules of translation by USCIS can be depicted as:

  1. The translated documents must be a true and accurate representation of the original documents.
  2. The translated documents must attach with a certificate of translation.
  3. The translation of documents must be carried out by a translator competent in English.
  4. The translation of documents must be carried out by the translator competent in the source language.
  5. The certification must consist of the name or type of document.
  6. The certification must show the name or signature of the translator.

If Rejected by USCIS – What to do?

As we know, USCIS is very strict when it comes to the translation of foreign language documents into English they receive.  They tend to fail the documents verification if documents found not up to the mark under their requirements.  In this case of failure, they ask for an RFE (Request for evidence).

An RFE can be issued to these cases given below:

  • Inaccuracy in translated documents,
  • Unauthenticated translated documents,
  • Lack of information of translator,
  • Unqualified translator, or
  • Unacceptable certification is done by the translator.

Due to RFE, your application process might get more delayed. But, not to lose hope here because RFE asks you to provide documents within the time period given by USCIS. The response of RFE is given by providing the authentic translated documents once you receive the notice. In delay, the response will have resulted in the denial of the application. Thus, it is better to be up to date about the time limit. And, it is always better to choose the right certified translation service provider who can be trusted and reliable. 

Ask for certified translation services

Looking for certified translation services is always better to get accurate and safe translated documents. If the translated documents will be submitting to the USCIS, the certified translator would attach all the translated documents with the certificate of authentication. The certificate states the entire translator’s information and the true and complete representation of the documents have been done.

Asking for certified translation services would be the right choice for you to make documents legally acceptable in USCIS. Since, certified translation makes sure that your documents bear the signature, name, date, and contact information of the translator or translator company. As on immigration, USCIS checks that all your legal immigration documents should comprise of stamp or seal of the authorized translation services.

Thus, only certified translation services provide a safe translation of your legal documents.

Not having a certified translation of your legal documents can cause the failure of the application submission. Therefore, having certified translation with competency in English can provide a worthy translation of documents.  


To avoid any delay or rejection from USCIS, a certified translation is important for your legal documents. Any translated document for your immigration application must comply with the requirements of USCIS. Remembering the requirements for USCIS for translation thus is crucial at this point.    

If not finding the right certified translation agency, will be resulted in the translation of documents not up to the mark. Hence, an authentic certified translation is your way to break the barriers to documents’ unsuitability.

Get Certified Translation Help To Avoid Rejections in USCIS

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