Best Moisturizing Cream to Apply to Your Baby Skin

How to Choose Best Moisturizing Cream to Apply to Your Baby Skin

The basis for choosing a moisturizing cream for your baby is whether you can choose the one that suits your baby’s skin.

Here, if the “intention of the mother (adult)” is included instead of the baby himself, the selection method will be wrong.

Please refer to it when you do not have the product you want to use.

5 Tips to choose the Best Moisturizing Cream for Your Baby

1. First used by mom. Then the patch test order is recommended

Baby Joie is an Indian brand of best baby skin care products that offers the best organic baby face cream which is best for your baby skin.

Before using a new moisturizing cream for your baby, parents should try it first.

Allergic reactions are often the same for parents and siblings.

Make sure your parents do not have an allergic reaction before trying it on your baby’s skin.

Then give your baby a patch test.

A patch test is a simple test to check for allergies.

By doing this in advance, you can see if you have allergic contact dermatitis symptoms (redness, itchiness, rash, etc.).

You might think it’s a hassle.

However, some people have an allergic reaction to any substance, not just the ingredients of moisturizing cream.

There are many familiar things such as soba, eggs, and milk.

That doesn’t mean that soba and eggs aren’t good for you.

Similarly, with regard to the ingredients of moisturizing cream, whether or not an allergic reaction occurs depends on the individual constitution.

So, to protect your baby’s skin, do it in advance.

2. Choose one that does not contain extra ingredients

Ingredients that do not help the effect of moisturizing cream, such as fragrances and colorings, can be said to be unnecessary.

Even for babies, those with citrus and soap scents seem to be popular.

However, even if the scent you like is good on the side you are painting, it may be an excessive scent for your baby.

Therefore, choose a best organic baby face cream that does not contain any elements other than moisturizing.

3. Let’s ignore the texture

Don’t choose a moisturizing cream for its usability, just look at the effect of its contents.

The most popular textures for babies are textures such as “It’s easy to put on clothes because it’s smooth immediately after getting wet” and “It’s easy to spread because it’s not sticky”.

This is the convenience and comfort of the wet side, isn’t it?

Products that value texture tend to neglect their effects.

And the feeling of use such as “sticky” depends on the texture of the cosmetics that the mother has used so far.

Textures get used to it as you use it.

You don’t have to focus on getting used to it.

It is important for babies to be well moisturized.

When choosing, choose the one that has a higher moisturizing effect than the texture.

4. Choose one that has a good amount of preservatives

Products containing preservatives are highly safe, so you can rest assured.

Choose a best baby skin care products for baby that has a proper preservative.

You may hear people say, “I want to use preservative-free products for babies,” but that’s dangerous.

This is because it is completely unknown what kind of damage will occur to the baby’s skin if a cream that is rotten or contaminated with microorganisms is used.

The “Pharmaceutical Machinery Law”, which is a cosmetics law, also stipulates that “all or part of it falls under the category of unclean substances or substances that may be altered or contaminated, and it is prohibited to manufacture or sell them.” I will.

As you can see, preservatives are an essential and useful ingredient in safe moisturizing creams.

Choose a well-mixed moisturizing cream that suits your baby’s skin.

5. Recommended types of moisturizing cream that can moisturize properly

There are two main types of moisturizing creams for babies.

  • Cream type
  • Gel cream type

The condition of baby’s skin changes depending on the number of months it is born.

Let’s look at the skin quality and condition together.

5.1. Most cream types have 90% oil. Recommended for areas you want to protect

Since the baby’s skin is well moisturized, cream type care is basically sufficient.

It is sometimes said that “baby’s skin lacks water”, but it is relatively moisturized in terms of skin area.

That’s why it’s called pull-pull.

However, since there is almost no sebum secretion, it is difficult to protect water.

For such skin, use a cream-type moisturizing cream.

How to paint

Do not apply it, but spread it evenly with the intention of forming a single film on the skin.

The trick is to apply a little more when you put a piece of tissue on a wet place so that it feels sticky enough to stick to your skin.

Especially effective part

  • Area where a rash occurs
  • The part where the rubber of the diaper hits
  • Limbs that is often outside

Products that meet the conditions and that I actually used and felt “effective in protecting the skin”.

5-2. Most of the gel types have 20% oil and 80% water, so it is recommended because you can moisturize with one bottle.

Your baby’s skin may also be deficient in water depending on the skin type.

If it is partially dry or if your parents have dry skin, you are prone to lack of water.

For such skin, you should use a gel type that can replenish both water and oil.

How to paint

Spread it over the entire skin and gently wrap it with your hands to spread the moisture throughout the skin.

The trick is to apply a little more when you put a piece of tissue on a wet place so that it feels sticky enough to stick to your skin.

Especially effective part

  • Cheeks, buttocks, and belly that is easy to dry
  • Thin skin areas (face, soles of ears, soles of feet, inside elbows, sides, etc.)

Products that meet the conditions and are “effective for moisturizing the skin” when actually used

“Can lotion moisturize?”

For babies, some people use “lotion”.

Lotion is a 100% water lotion, so you can use it to rehydrate your baby.

Please use it for babies who tend to dry and have insufficient moisture on their skin.

Of course, don’t forget to add oil after this to keep it moisturized.

The face is not so, but it is very difficult to use because it hangs down when used on the body.

As I said, “Moisturizing is effective only when you go to the whole body”, hydration with lotion and then oil replenishment with cream is OK if you are old enough to not turn over, but it is quite good for the age when you start moving. The difficulty level is high.

Babies change every day, so it is recommended that you flexibly change the moisturizing cream you use while consulting with usability.

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