Perfect Natural MakeUp

How To Have A Perfect Natural MakeUp

Natural makeup, or as it is also called nude look, has been popular for a long time both in model shows and in everyday life. At first glance, it may seem that this type of makeup is very light and simple, but this is far from the case. Stylists consider nude look makeup to be the most difficult, as it requires incredible skills from the master to create a natural, natural look, to make flawless skin, while using cosmetics. After all, perfectly flat and smooth skin is the basis of any makeup. Well-known stylist and celebrity makeup artist is ready to share their secrets on how to properly do makeup in the nude look style.

1. Tonal basis So, you already know that the main rule of natural makeup is perfect flawless skin. The tonal base should be light texture and should be applied only to problem areas, while shading the borders well. If you have pimples, blackheads, red spots, etc. on your face, you can use the corrector. The foundation is best applied to the face with a damp sponge. Be sure to powder your face after applying the foundation, using loose powder. The tonal base for nude look makeup should be as close as possible to your skin color, or half a tone darker or lighter. After the base on the cheekbones, apply blush in natural shades, depending on the color of your skin: peach or brown.

2. Eyebrow makeup To make your brows beautiful, expressive and natural at the same time, use a brown pencil. The shade of the pencil should match the color of your hair so that it doesn’t appear in contrast. After applying the pencil, it must be thoroughly shaded. 

3. Eye makeup Next, we move on to eye makeup. The most versatile shades for girls of any type is the brown range of eye cosmetics: shadows, pencils, eyeliners. With a brown pencil, you need to bring your eyes as close as possible to the lash line. Be sure to shade the pencil. Makeup in the style of nude look does not tolerate sharp transitions and clear lines, so all lines, bends are well shaded. Shadows are most often used dark or light brown, beige, tan, pink, gray, that is, the most natural shades. Mascara should be chosen in a warm shade, without sharp contrasts. A light texture brown or gray mascara is perfect for such makeup. 

4. Lip makeup Of course, nude look lipstick is most often used in beige or peach shades. But colors such as coral or hot pink, with good shading, also look quite natural on the lips. The main thing is not to choose lipsticks with pearlescent shades or gloss with reflective particles. 

5. Subtleties of makeup It is wrong to think that little makeup is used with natural makeup. Sometimes, in order to make a nude look, you need to use even more cosmetics than with any other makeup. But, the main thing in natural makeup is the use of one palette of shades for lips, eyes, eyebrows. Pink lips and brown blush or black eyelashes and light eyebrows are not allowed. Eyelashes with natural make-up should not be very voluminous, thick or heavily colored. Choose a make-up base without reflective particles so that your face does not shine in the sun. In general, makeup should be harmonious, natural and fresh.

Light, almost invisible make-up is one of the most current trends in the field of makeup in recent years. Natural makeup does not look too bright, does not attract too much attention, but performs two key tasks: it masks the flaws in appearance and emphasizes the advantages. Thanks to him, you can look appropriate both at a business event and at an informal meeting, while remaining beautiful and well-groomed. We will tell you about various methods of creating natural eye makeup in this article.

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