Protect Your Baby From Accidents

How to Protect Your Baby From Accidents and Injuries in The House?

Baby safety measures are necessary even at home. When a baby sits down or goes high and high, the safety aspect of the house is a concern. Protect your baby from burns, finger pinches, and falls. First of all, let’s check where to be careful according to the location of the house.

Table of Contents

  • Baby Safety 1: Kitchen
  • Baby Safety 2: Toilet / Bathroom
  • Baby Safety 3: Living Room
  • Baby Safety 4: Dining / bedroom / entrance / balcony

Baby Safety 1: Kitchen

The kitchen is full of danger!

A kitchen is a place with many dangerous things such as kitchen knives and gas fires. If your kitchen is a face-to-face kitchen or a stand-alone kitchen, you can also install a “baby gate” at the entrance to keep your baby out of the kitchen because your baby’s skin is very soft and clean. For any skin issue always use the best natural baby skin care products. By the way, if you are planning to buy a house or are planning to move, we recommend the face-to-face kitchen type or the stand-alone type.

■ Home appliances such as pots and rice cookers

It is very dangerous because the baby is likely to pull the cord and drop it. Don’t leave pots and other household appliances on the dining table. There is a high risk that your baby will get burned when trying to touch the steam of the rice cooker while cooking rice, so move it out of reach.

■ Sink door / refrigerator door under the kitchen

This is also a place with many dangerous items such as kitchen knives and seasonings. You need to prevent your baby from opening it. Let’s lock it with “doorway lock”. If it is a double door type, you can also use the S-shaped hook.

■ Vinyl bag

If your baby wears it, you may suffocate. Don’t put it on the floor and keep it out of reach.

Baby Safety 2: Toilet / Bathroom

Be careful as you will open the door when you can reach it!

I think it’s a good idea to attach a “sash lock” to the sliding door of the washroom at a high position that is out of the reach of children and close it except when entering. Since the baby can open the closet bran well, it is a good idea to attach it to the closet bran. You can put the newspaper in the gap, but it looks bad and you can get stuck in the closet.

“Sash lock” is surprisingly inconspicuous (the sticker can be peeled off), and it can be easily locked, so it is recommended for those who are concerned about the interior. It costs about 500 yen for 2 pieces at the home. Similarly, it is safe to attach something that can be locked to the toilet above the door. The danger is that the baby can get into the bathroom by himself and lock it from the inside. If possible, I think it is better to place the toilet so that it cannot be opened except when necessary. If you can’t install it, be aware of the following:

■ Bathroom entrance

There are many accidents where a small child gets into the bathroom and gets stuck in the bathtub and drowns. Don’t leave water in the bathtub. Alternatively, it is also effective to attach a stick or shelf to the entrance of the bathroom.

■ Near the washing machine

If there is a stepping stone near the washing machine, it is possible for the child to climb up alone and fall into the washing machine. Be sure to close the lid when you are not using the washing machine.

■ Toilet lid

Pay attention to the lid of the toilet! If you leave it open, your baby’s head will get stuck and you risk choking. Be sure to close the toilet lid.


Many of the detergents used in the toilet contain strong acids and chlorine, and if swallowed, there is a risk of strong inflammation of the esophageal and gastric mucosa. Keep it out of the reach of children.

Always use the best natural body wash for babies at a bathing time to take care of your baby’s soft skin.

Baby Safety 3: Living Room

The living room is a place where the whole family often goes in and out and there are many home appliances. Keep small things out of the reach of your baby. Also, please be careful about the following:

■ TV stand corner and top plate material

If the corners of the table are square, you may hit your head or face with the corners. If you’re curious, let’s cover it. Goods to cover are sold at baby goods stores and home improvement stores. As an aside, if the tabletop is made of glass, be careful! When a child put his hand on the tabletop of the living room of the guide’s parents’ house and put his weight on it, the table tilted and fell, and the glass of the tabletop shattered.

■ TV rack door

Guard the VCR, DVD recorder, etc. inside the TV stand by attaching a lock or cover to prevent them from being touched.

■ Stoves and heaters

In winter, stoves and heaters are also at risk of burns. It is possible to open the lid of kerosene heaters such as kerosene heaters, so you can also enclose it with a “heater guard”. “Heater guards” can be purchased at baby goods stores and home improvement stores.


It’s a good idea to put on a fan guard to keep your baby’s fingers out of the gap. Recently, there are auto-lock type fans that automatically stop when you touch them, and wingless fans like Dyson.


It is possible for your baby to wrap the cable around his neck or bite it. It is safe to put them together so that they cannot be seen or cover them. This can also be purchased at home improvement stores.

Also, be careful about the outlet part. The baby unplugs and plugs in by himself… It will be useful to have an “outlet cover” that covers the entire outlet and an “outlet cap” that covers only unused outlets. If possible, put on an “outlet cap” to prevent your baby from trying to put your finger in an unused outlet or getting an electric shock by inserting a stick. “Outlet covers” and “outlet caps” are also sold at 100-yen shops. Many of the “outlet covers” have patterns or characters, so if you are interested, please check them out.

■ Be careful of accidental ingestion of cigarettes, etc.

Babies can put anything within 35mm in diameter into their mouth. Also, babies have the property of checking things by mouth, so small things are very dangerous. The most dangerous is tobacco. Make it a habit to keep the ashtray out of the house or absolutely high.

It is also possible that the pushpin will come off and you will put something that has fallen on the floor into your mouth. If it is light paper, you can substitute the adhesive sticker type, so try not to use pins as much as possible.

In addition, are there any deodorants or cockroach countermeasures on the floor in the corner of the room? Let’s check this area as well.

Baby Safety 4: Dinning / bedroom / entrance / balcony

For dining, bedrooms, entrances, and balconies, be aware of the following: Especially with regard to the balcony, we sometimes hear news of fall accidents from the balcony. Safety goods are also an effective defense, but they are not perfect. It is also important for adults to pay close attention to the confirmation.

■ Tablecloth

You may pull on the cloth and the object may fall. If possible, don’t lay a tablecloth.

■ Table corner

As with the dining table, if you are concerned about the corners, you should cover it. If you plan to buy a new table, you should choose the type with rounded corners.

■ Baby bed fence

It’s easy to think that it’s okay for a while even if you don’t lower the fence properly, but the baby turns over suddenly. Even if I couldn’t do it yesterday, I can do it today! It is possible, so make a habit of raising the fence when you have a baby to prevent it from falling.

■ Steps at the entrance

If there is a step at the entrance such as a detached house, there is a danger of falling while it is high. If you’re curious, you can also install a gate in the hallway in front of the entrance.

■ Veranda window key

It’s easy to forget to close it, but if you unlock the window, the baby will crawl out and you will be in a dangerous situation. It is also dangerous to leave the screen door as it is! The baby may put his weight on the screen door and the screen door may come off or tear. Let’s attach “sash lock” here as well.

I often hear stories of a child inside locking a window while mom is drying the laundry (I also experienced a guide)! You may want to keep the windows from closing with a “ventilation lock” while the laundry is drying (of course, keep an eye out for your baby to crawl on the balcony).

■ Near the balcony or window

If there is something that can be used as a stepping stone near the balcony or window, there is a risk that the baby will climb up and accidentally fall downstairs. If you put a planter with beautiful flowers in front of the railing, you will rarely trample and climb. On the other hand, it is a rule of thumb not to put empty boxes or bundles of old newspapers on balconies. Please note that the outdoor unit of the air conditioner can also be a scaffold.

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