Travel Internationally With A One-way Ticket

How To Travel Internationally With A One-way Ticket

Traveling is a process in which the course of the journey including when, where, how, and how much is already worked out. During an international voyage, it becomes more important as boundaries of different nations are involved. During an international journey to your non-native country have some prior laws which need to be obeyed otherwise could invite trouble.  On such law is presenting the proof of your return before taking off to the other country or at the time of reaching the destination country.

At times, it could happen that the motive of traveling abroad has been worked out but the real-time required to achieve the motive is not clear. There could be many reasons such as a series of business meetings. So, you could not find it feasible to buy a return ticket at the time of leaving your country as the duration of stay is not clear.

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So, there are options to deal with this situation. First, you could buy a bus, train, or ferry ticket and present it as proof of your return wherever required. But this is an expensive alternative. The other alternative is to buy an ‘Onward Ticket Visa’.

Onward ticket Visa is basically a temporary return ticket which one could present with the visa application as proof that you have decided to leave the visiting country on the specific date.  This service has been created in order to ease the trouble of those people who need a quick return ticket in a hassle-free manner. The ticket is internationally accepted as proof of an individual’s visiting and leaving proof to a particular country. Although there are some countries which don’t accept this ticket but ask for a real return ticket as proof of the decided departure date. It may cost you a minimum of $5-7 depending on your choice of the service provider. But it is always going to be much cheaper than buying a flight, bus or train ticket. And the major associated advantage is that there is no hassle to cancel the ticket.

Booking an Onward ticket visa

Booking an Onward ticket visa is an easily manageable task. It could be booked online with an average time consumption of 10-30 minutes. What all you need is to fill up an online registration form that needs your full name on the passport, destination country name, your email address, dates of departure, and return. It also asks you to provide information about the airport you will be departing from your country as well as the airport that you arrive in. The dates provided will be printed on your Onward Ticket Visa. After completion of this process, you will get a printable PDF copy of the ticket on your registered email address.

I hope the information provided above will help you to manage an international journey with a one-way ticket. You could also avail onward ticket visa service with American Airlines Reservation and Turkish Airlines Reservations

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