Is B.Tech The Right Course For You

Is B.Tech The Right Course For You

Ever wondered why a lot of students opt for engineering? Sure, it seems like the only choice for some. Engineering is a very popular field as the course, B. Tech gives students a lot of career opportunities immediately after graduation. Since there are innovations in the field of computer science almost every day, there is no end to the kind of jobs the field offers. 

Anyone who has completed their higher secondary education and graduated with an aggregate of 50% in the science stream can apply for BTech at Rabindranath Tagore University. The only other factor that determines the success of a student pursuing this course is the level of interest they have in the field. 

The department of engineering at RNTU makes sure that the course is updated regularly to keep up with all the changes and developments happening in the field of engineering. This is what makes the university stand out from other engineering colleges in India

The university also uses a unique combination of traditional teaching methods like classroom lectures along with smart classes with e-learning facilities. This helps the students learn all the latest developments in the field. It is best to choose a university like RNTU that not only focuses on the curriculum but also on the overall personality development of the students. Many engineering colleges in India do not have the same priority on personality development, which is why we suggest RNTU.

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Students have the option to choose any branch of engineering that they are interested in. Here are some of the branches of engineering you can choose from. 
  1. Civil Engineering: This is one of the oldest engineering courses offered by the university. It involves planning, designing, constructing, maintaining and supervising infrastructures like bridges, tunnels, buildings and highways. Buildings like airports also come under this stream of engineering. The department offers courses like Polytechnic Diploma and B.E.
  2. Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE): ECE involves the design, research and development of various equipment used in broadcasting and communication. It deals with microprocessors, analog, transmissions, communication, basic electronics, and wave progression. It also includes the manufacturing of electronic devices, circuits, and communication equipment. Some of the courses offered by the department include B.E, M.Tech(VLSI), and M.Tech (Digital Communication). 
  3. Computer Science Engineering(CSE): CSE is a combination of computer science and computer engineering. It focuses on computer programming and networking that includes computation, algorithms, and programming languages. It also includes designing computer hardware and software. The course is used for many aspects of engineering, including the design of microprocessors, PC, circuit designing, and software development. Some of the courses offered by the department include; Polytechnic Diploma, B.E, M. Tech, M. Tech (SE). 
  4. Electrical Engineering: It deals with important applications of electronics like electromagnetism. After doing this course, engineers know how to and are part of designing electrical circuits and equipment that can be used in huge power plants. The course teaches a student designing, manufacturing, and operating power plants. The study of all kinds of engines is included within the courses. Some of the courses offered under this stream include Polytechnic Diploma and B.E.
  1. Mechanical Engineering: Also one of the oldest subjects of engineering, Mechanical Engineering deals with the design and manufacture of machines. The course focuses on a heavy knowledge of how machines work and how to design them. These machines include aircraft, automobiles, electric motors and heavy vehicles. Some courses offered by the department include Polytechnic Diploma, B.E and M.Tech in Production Engineering. 

Career Prospects: 

Due to the increasing demand for computer science professionals, there is usually no dearth of job opportunities.

Here are some of the best options for students.

  • Production engineer
  • Ceramic engineer
  • Robotics engineer
  • Chemical engineer
  • Automobile engineer
  • Civil engineer
  • Mechanical engineer

If you would like to get more information about the courses and other details, please visit the website 

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