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About Modernizing Medicine EMR

Modernizing Medicine EHR was developed in 2010 by a practicing physician and his patient who was a successful software entrepreneur. Modernizing Medicine EHR  was developed with the main motive of improving the quality of care and saving the time of doctors. Modernizing Medicine EHR Software focuses on improving clinical efficiency but saving the time of doctors. Innovation and creativity are the main keys when it comes to this software success. 

Specialty Solutions

There is a list of different medical specialties that Modernizing Medicine EHR offers its services to. The list of these medical practices is as follows: Pain management, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Gastroenterology, Otolaryngology, Orthopedics, and Urology. These are the medical specialties that this software has a lot to offer to. 

Modernizing Medicine EHR Features


For Dermatology Modernizing Medicine EHR has a lot to offer. Other than being a cloud-based EHR software, this software helps the doctor with many other specifically designed features. Top Dermatology Specific EHR features include Automated notes and bills, Built-in dermatology ICD-10 codes, Better overall patient experiences, Dermatology MIPS & MACRA functionality. 

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery can be a tricky medical practice to be in. Modernizing Medicine EHR is designed in a way that automates all the time-consuming tasks that are performed manually. This helps in saving the time of the doctors. 


In urology, Convenience, and speed are two very important things, and Modernizing Medicine EHR makes sure you get the two along with the best EHR features that are specifically designed for this condition. No templates or customizing necessary, Urology plans & procedures built-in, Comprehensive review of systems,. Specific past urology history etc. These are some of the features that are designed especially for this condition. 


Ophthalmology, like many other medical practices, requires a lot of documentation. Modernizing Medicine EMR realizes that and brings a solution for you. This software is ranked no 1 for this particular field and we can’t deny. Its specifically designed features are all that every Ophthalmologist is looking for. 


Some of the features that Modernizing Medicine EHR is offering are very specifically designed for this specific field. The topmost useful features are an Easy-to-learn interface with straightforward, customizable notes, Seamless integration, our endoscopy report writer software, Efficient ePrescribing including electronic prescription refills, Gastroenterology-specific workflow, and powerful clinical decision support

Interoperability with regional health systems, labs, radiology clinics, and more. 

Just like these specialties, Modernizing Medicine EHR is also famous for providing its services to Otolaryngology, Pain management, and Orthopedics. All the features are designed keeping the requirements and needs of every field in mind. 

Importance of Specialty Specific EHR Features

Now that we have discussed specialty-specific Modernizing Medicine EHR features, we need to know the importance of these features. When the features are specifically designed, the unique needs of physicians in different practices are kept in mind. When the features are according to their needs, they do not require much work. 

Clinical as well as financial efficiency is improved. Not only do the doctors get to enjoy more free time but their tasks become less boring and hectic. A noticeable increase in workflow productivity can also be noted. The administrative load is reduced and more work is automated. Automated work means lesser errors and lesser errors mean higher accuracy which is what we need. Paperless documentation and reporting mean no clutter of files and more environmentally friendly methods are being used. The fear of data getting lost goes away and everything is saved in one place altogether. Communication is also improved between the patient and the doctor. 

Practice Management Solutions

We are all aware of how important having good software for Practice Management is. You need a nice Practice Management software to streamline the financial aspects of your medical practice. 

In any kind of practice, be it a medical practice or not, you need good reporting and analytic tools. Modernizing Medicine EMR has come up with integrated practice management solutions that have features for every specialty. All the features are specifically designed according to the needs of each practice. 

Modernizing Medicine practice management software offers great billing tools so the doctors have nothing to worry about the revenue. Scheduling becomes super easy because this software makes sure everything is run smoothly. With the help of Modernizing Medicine practice Management software, reporting and analytic become easy and less boring. Since the whole process is automatic, the chance of errors is eliminated and the level of accuracy is Maintained. According to Modernizing Medicine EHR Demo, users love their billing and analytic tools. 


We have covered all the important aspects of this software in this article, other than Modernizing Medicine EHR pricing.

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