Office 365 Business Premium

Office 365 Business Premium: One Solution for Small and Medium Business Needs

For a small and growing business, agility and speed are must-have. As an owner, you might not be looking for complex applications that would bog you down. It is where Microsoft Office 365 business premium solution helps.

About the Solution

It is an integrated solution that brings the best productivity tools without compromising security. The entire set of the business productivity and collaboration tools offered are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher and Access. Then there are collaboration tools like OneDrive, Skype (business version), Teams, and the SharePoint.

MS-Office Suite

The users will have access to various apps that will increase productivity.

  • Outlook- You may have several email ids for different purposes. However, it is time-consuming to log-in every mail-id to check the emails. It’s where you can configure different email ids with various providers in the Outlook. Now, you will have to open only the Outlook application to read and respond to the emails. There are a host of features to manage the emails and do much more.
  • Word-Documentation and recording are an integrated part of any business. It is needed for operations management. You can use the Word application to handle all the documentation and even do things you could not think. MS-Word is packed with features and is the best application in the domain.
  • Excel- Need to maintain records and data that is generated from the sale transaction? MS-Excel is the best application and the most complete one too. You can visualize the data using graphs and charts. Use the formulas to create special reports that you would need.
  • PowerPoint- Need to showcase the products to your customers? Create a PPT and do it instantly. However, PowerPoint also has animation features using which you can create a dynamic presentation that appeals to the mind of your customers instantly.
  • OneNote- It is an application that often remains unused. However, when you are reading documents online and need to create notes, use this application. There is no need to maintain several files, and the application is feature-rich to make it useful.
  • Publisher- It is an application that you will need to create printable collaterals.
  • Access- If you need to maintain a database for your company’s records and transactions. This is the application that you will need. You can even get complex applications on the database, but they have their limitations.

Collaboration Tools

As a small business, you may have a small team too. The team members have to work together to produce results. It’s where collaboration tools from Office 365 business premium.

  • OneDrive-Need cloud storage space? Use OneDrive, and you will never run out of space. Most small companies prefer to keep their records and documents on the cloud for anywhere access. OneDrive offers the perfect cloud storage that you will ever need.
  • Skype- Have you been using a messaging tool already? Well, there is no harm in it as long as there is interoperability. However, Skype makes things a lot easy. You can communicate over a video call easily.
  • Teams- Need a group chat application, use Team. It allows you to do video conferencing calls, share screens, custom backgrounds, together mode and file-sharing. You can do more than expected with this application.
  • SharePoint- It empowers teamwork and allows the team members to share files easily. It is easy to streamline, and collaboration is effortless with team-members within inside and outside the organization.

Other Features

Business runs on emails. While free emails are useful to start with, it’s best to use a professional email address. As a small business, you can enjoy the Office 365 Business Premium Plan that offers business emails that feature your domain name. The business-class email adds a piece of professionalism to a website and business, which makes it easy to recognize.

Any Device Access

User can access any of these applications from anywhere when they are using the Premium Plan. You can open an office in up to five devices.

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