MBBS in Georgia for Indian Students

All Information about Study MBBS in Georgia for Indian Students

Universities Recognized by MCI and WHO

Georgia is better than any other country in terms of culture and education. For a period of time, Georgia has become an important destination for Indian medical students who want to receive education at MBBS. Some of the top medical schools are located in Georgia. The courses offered by these medical universities are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Georgia Is Best Place to Study MBBS

This is an additional advantage for Indian students because they can return to their home country and work. Georgia is one of the most favored places to study MBBS in Europe. Georgian society has always put education first. They claim to be well-educated and proud. Just like in India, Georgia also attaches great importance to the profession of doctors. There are some very good universities in Georgia where you can study MBBS.

Lowest Fee Structure in Over the World

In addition, compared to many other places, the MBBS fees in Georgia are lower. This is one of the reasons why the country has many foreign students who wish to study MBBS in abroad. For those students who are eager to study MBBS in Georgia but are confused, here are some answers to dispel your doubts.

Why Not Offer Courses in Other Countries at a Lower Cost?

First, MBBS in Georgia tuition fees is between 250,000 and 400,000 Indian rupees, which is the same as other countries that offer courses at affordable prices. During the MBBS enrollment period in Georgia, tuition fees are paid in advance in the first year of each year. Compared with Russia, Ukraine, and other countries, Georgia’s climate conditions are better than theirs.

Secondly, the universities listed are all real and recognized globally, which makes it easier for students to work elsewhere after the course is completed.

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How About Living Expenses and Accommodation Affordability?

The total cost of living to meet basic needs amounts to the US $ 250 to 400 per month, which includes accommodation, transportation, food, Internet, and TV expenses. David Tvildiani University (David Tvildiani University) provides a good hotel for Indian students because the restaurant there serves Indian cuisine.

How Can I Manage My Emergency Expenses (If Any) and Can I Open a Bank Account?

Opening a bank account is very simple, you only need a passport, photo, and student ID. After filling in the form details, etc., your account will be activated within 15 minutes, which is fully authorized by you.

Whom Can I Contact If I had any Queries Regarding Accommodation or Hostel Facilities?

The International Student Department will be happy to resolve any questions for you. David Tvidiani Medical University has an appropriate foreign compensation department, which guides students in every step.

Is the Georgian Language Mandatory?

No, all subjects are taught in the English language, but students can choose Georgian style courses if they are interested in learning.

Is Georgia Safe for MBBS?

Georgia is quite safe, friendly, and friendly to Indian students. India has a lot of goodwill. Regarding the safety of female students, according to sources, some Indian female students choose to study in Georgia.

Read about the safety of Georgia for Indian MBBS students here. All in all, Georgia provides a positive and welcoming atmosphere for Indian students who wish to enter the MBBS field.

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