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Top 5 Ways to Use Kartra to Grow Your Business

Growing your business is a hard task to perform. It needs great patience and effort. You need to wear different hats to reach your goal. It means dealing with sales and reports. It means dealing with marketing stuff. It means to have an understanding of taxes.

Hands in hands,

If you are owning an online business then your task increases greatly. You have to work even more hard to attract your audience.

It is a sure thing,

Everyone is not interested in doing a 9 to 5 job.

So what is the alternative?

Yes, starting your very own business. Though it is hard to grow your business fast, you always find the light at the end of the tunnel.

Starting an online business is an effective way to earn good figure money. Nonetheless, it also not that easy to grow the online business as well.

What is more?

You have to follow and make strategies and plans to reach your goals. Kartra helps you in growing your online business fast here is the link to its  Kartra Pricing Plans, a pricing plan that will assist you that how can you use Kartra for the growth of your business.

For this article,

I am going to tell you the most effective ways of growing your business with the help of Kartra. Though there are many paths to doing this we are going to discuss the top five.

So what is the delay? Let us dive in,       

What is Kartra?

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 If you do not know what Kartra is, then do not need to worry. Cause first thing first, we are going to tell you that what Kartra is.

Kartra is a platform that builds sales funnels and provides its users and aid through which they can grow their business.

Also, they provide software made by Kartra through which they can do better management of their businesses and appeal to their audience on large scale.

Do you know what makes an online business successful?

Email marketing, listing, landing pages, good online management, and whatnot. Kartra is a space through which you can do all these things.

5 Ways to Use Kartra to Grow Your Business:

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As we become familiar with Kartra. Now, it is time to state that five effective ways through which you can give a boost to your online business.

So let us get started,    

Building A Sales Funnel Using Kartra:

The first and most important thing that you should consider if you want to grow your online business is the building of a sales funnel.

It is the first and most vital approach to grow your business swiftly. You are making a massive mistake if you do not have any sales funnel.

The sales funnel of Kartra can help you to automate your work. Plus, it helps you to grow on a larger scale.


It involves some front desk work but once it gets completed you can manage everything from here.

Conceptualization is important,

Before the creation of sales funnel you need to conceptualize it and have a look at different funnels before making one.

Kartra is one of the best approaches in making sales funnels to grow your business rapidly and effectively.

Build An Email List:

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By using this feature of Kartra you can boost your business in a very successful manner.

This is another helpful feature of Kartra that you can develop an email campaign for the emails. Kartra is an all in one and awesome marketing tool.

It assists you in creating broadcasts. Kartra would not disappoint you when it comes to lead management.


These campaigns of email are an alternative to the sales funnel as well.

Lead Management:

Lead management is a key feature of Kartra that will help you in boosting up your business quite a lot.

Yes, I said it.

This area has the ability to manage leads in provisions of the email campaign.  

Wondering how?

You can add any information about it, you can allow them to access your products and sales. That will go to help you in growing up your business.

Many advantages of lead management are useful for users of Kartra.

It will help you to grow your business faster by adding the countdown to emails, by making newsletters and coupons to attract the audience.

It gives every user of it a fair chance to give a boost to their work.

Landing Pages:

Next feature of the Kartra that you can use to boost your business. This feature helps you in organizing different pages.

For example, it helps you in the organization of webinar pages. If you are running an online business let us suppose you are using Facebook then these landing pages will help you to add tracking codes to your advertisement.

Landing pages allow you to handle and attach different pages while creating a sale page.


 Webinars are the most effective way of boosting your business up.

And guess what?

You can make up a webinar on Kartra. Once you get connected with Kartra you can set up your very own webinar and are eligible for Kartra’s cart feature.

It provides an automated selling strategy that will help you to lift your business relatively faster.

This medium allows you to attract your audience to hold sale after sale.  Charging for a webinar to lift your business is always the best option.


Building an online business and management of it is not always an easy task. You have to carry it a long way.

Using different platforms to grow your business is a smart gesture. Kartra is one of these platforms that will help you in growing your online business through its different features.     

In this article, I have cited five different ways of raising your business with the help of Kartra hope you will find them useful.

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