Top 6 Mistakes Businesses Need To Stop

Top 6 Mistakes Businesses Need To Stop Making When Responding To Reviews

We’ve all been there: your email pings with the notification of a review of your own Google Map or Yelp, and it is trashing your company. Maybe the customer complained about how long it took to get service, or perhaps they were dissatisfied with the product you sold them. Whatever it is, let me make one thing clear: You Must Respond to the Review.

I’ll repeat it because that is how important it is: You Must Respond to the Review.

As an avid Yelp-er, I’ve written great reviews, and I’ve occasionally gotten responses back on them. The answers that I receive back range from accusatory to apologetic. There are several ways to respond to a negative (or positive!) review tactfully and professionally. 

Here is My Top 6 List of How Not To Respond To a Negative Review:

Never Call Names, Outright or Not.

I thought this was common sense, but apparently, it isn’t. Calling names makes you (and by default, your company) look immature and unprofessional. I check to see how companies respond to negative reviews when I’m heading out to eat or shopping, and if I see someone calling a reviewer a liar or worse, I’ll take my business elsewhere. Trust me when I say that I am not the only consumer who does this!

Do Not Accuse The Reviewer of Anything.

You and I both know that sometimes the customer isn’t always right, but don’t call them out on it in a review. Again, it is immature and unprofessional.

Do Not Avoid Responding. 

I shouldn’t have to say this, but the fact is that not every company responds to reviews. If you avoid responding, it is like saying that you don’t care. Consumers like companies that care about their customers and want to make things right.

Do Not Leave Out Your Contact Information. 

Adding your contact information, whether an email address or a phone number, says that you’re available and want to make things right. Consumers often want someone to rant to and feel better by having a real live human being to speak with.

Do Not Respond Right Away. 

That’s right. I said, don’t respond immediately. If you respond immediately, you’re likely to react with something rash, accusatory, and rude. Write out a response, set it aside, edit it later that day, and repeat that at least twice more before posting your answer.

Do Not Cave Under Pressure.

Ask for feedback on what the company could do better, and invite the customer back to see those changes made on the house. Sure, it would be easy to give the person something for free as a bribe, but that’s like a Band-aid when you need stitches.

Remember to keep it professional while trying to make it right, regardless of the issue. Your response is a direct reflection on the company. A friendly reply makes all the difference in the world!

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