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Unbelievable Experiences in Thailand other than its Beaches

Friendly encounters, spiritual escapes, and breathtaking adventures, there’s nothing where Thailand lacks.

Thailand is a wonderful home with beautiful tropical beaches and gleaming temples. It offers a fascinating experience with its exotic getaways. With an absolute of 2815 kilometers of coastal length, Thailand is a perfect beach resort. However, the experience of this mysterious country is not limited to spending leisurely by the sea. Thailand has several different geographic areas, making it an ideal destination for homeless people around the world. Read on to learn about the most incredible experience in Thailand other than its beaches!

Best experiences to enjoy beyond the beaches!

Take a Sukhothai Historic Site Bike Tour

If you are looking for a different kind of surprise in Thailand, you can take a bike tour to Sukhothai’s ancient ruins. This tour’s main attraction is Wat Mahathat. The whole complex of buildings displays Lord Buddha images and statues. Another highlight of this attraction is Si Siwai Temple, which is a biblical Khmer temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Wat Si Chum in the northern region has a giant Buddha statue inside a brick wall.

Attend Thai food carnivals across the country

Thai cuisine reflects the fundamentals of Thai culture. The country uses fresh local ingredients and provides a series of delicious seafood recipes and delicious mixed salads. The noodle shed in Bangkok, the market stall in Mae Sot, and the seafood pavilion in Phuket is famous for hosting the most fantastic food tours in Epicures in Thailand. You can make Air Canada Bookings and escape to Thailand, but this time, choose something other than beaches.

Indulge yourself in Seductive Doi Ankang Beauty

Doi Angkhang is also known as “Thailand’s Little Switzerland.” It is located in a peaceful valley. Inhabited in the north of Chiang Mai, it is about 150 kilometers away. This charming and inviting home stays cool all year round. The highest peak is at 1,300 meters above sea level and can be easily reached by car. For nature lovers, this place is indeed an enjoyable experience.

Explore Chiang Mai’s night market

Besides its signifying and flawless beauty, Chiang Mai also has a charming night market that provides almost everything a traveler wants! One night, you can browse, shop, bargain, and taste local Thai cuisine at affordable prices. Chiang Mai Sunday Walking Street, Night Bazaar, and Wulai Walking Street are a few of the most popular night markets in Chiang Mai.

Go Trekking to a secluded National park.

Thailand has many nature reserves, full of national parks and wildlife protection centers. A trekking experience in any of these remote parks will definitely allow you to breathe in the natural aura of Thailand. This country’s hidden gems provide many exciting adventures, including fishing grounds, hiking trails, emerald ponds, etc. They can refresh your senses.

Visit the grand temples in Chiang Mai.

The famous Chiang Mai area in Thailand is renowned for its legendary ancient stories. The stories of these past times are beautifully sung in the temples and monasteries of Chiang Mai today. Temples are places of worship and the center of schools and sanitariums. There are more than 300 temples scattered everywhere in the city and the countryside. Many of these temples are in the 13th to the 18th century’s  “Lanna” style and are characterized by curved wooden roofs.

Stroll along the lively streets of Bangkok 

The vast metropolis Bangkok is also the capital of Thailand and has a popular party culture. Several famous streets offer exciting experiences, whether it’s drinking all night, dancing, or partying. These lively streets make Bangkok an engaging, enthusiastic, and vibrant destination. From incredible shopping deals to friendly accommodations, Bangkok’s streets offer something best of the world’s!

Thailand is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world. There are a series of awesome experiences on the island that will make your vacation an unforgettable memory of a lifetime! Plan your ultimate itinerary with Frontier Airlines Telefonoand enjoy the exotic atmosphere of Thailand beyond the beach.

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