The GSM is one among the most pertinent criteria for diverse packaging products such as paper, corrugated boxes, and packaging sheets among others. For most businesses, packaging is a determining factor that is paid keen attention to when it comes to the safety of their products. During the manufacturing process of any product, one of the key concerns of the company is to ensure the best quality. In order to achieve the aforementioned, several quality tests are performed on the products. Thereafter, the product is delivered to the clients and consumers without jeopardizing the overall integrity of the brand image.

Thus, companies choose their packaging products critically, and turn to trustworthy wholesalers such as who provide affordable rates. These materials can be used for packaging most products and they possess the strength and tenacity to ensure that the products will remain intact during the delivery process. The strength of the material depends on multiple factors such as the molecular structure, construction, and weight of the material. This is determined by the GSM of the packaging material.

By definition, GSM is the measure of weight of a material per square meter area. It is used to assess the physical traits of the material such as its strength and its construction. Wholesale distributors of packaging materials need to ensure that the GSM is of appropriate value so as to ensure the best efficiency. majorly offers paper, textile and corrugated package as the primary packaging solution at a wholesale price.

GSM of Cardboard

A popular packaging material used in almost all industries cardboards can be used for multiple purposes. Cardboards are mostly made from recycled paper. They contain a flute that is present between two different liners, that are made from recycled paper or carboards as well. These cardboards find critical utility in the packaging industry. Thus, there can be no compromise in terms of their quality or strength. Hence, they must be tested rigorously, something that can be verified through the GSM. The cardboard is intended to be light, but without any compromise on its tenacity. For ensuring so, the tenacity of the cardboard should be of the right value which is determined by the GSM. Thus, the GSM plays a key role in determining the usability of the cardboard.

GSM of Corrugated Sheets

Majority of the packaging boxes available in the market today are made from corrugated sheets. This is because they offer the best strength and the safety to the products. Capable of holding heavy forces that are present during storage and transportation, they are prepared by layering several corrugates sheets together using a strong adhesive. Moreover, the GSM plays a vital role in determining the bursting index and bursting factor of the corrugated sheets that further aids in assessing the overall strength of the products. The desired strength of the sheets can be achieved by altering the number of layers in the corrugated sheet.

GSM of Paper

Paper is one of the most versatile packaging products that is available with different sizes, qualities, and strengths. One of the most important resource for the printing industry, paper finds its usage in the packaging industry as well. Therefore, special attention needs to be given to the quality of the paper, which is analyzed with the help of the GSM. The GSM of the paper is measured by assessing the weight of 100 sq. meter of sample. A high-graded GSM has a direct impact on the strength and agility of the paper, and therefore, businesses keep it under critical consideration before purchasing their packaging products.

Calculating the GSM

The GSM of any material can be calculated using the following formula:

Grams per square meter = (Weight of Sample in Grams x 1000)/Area of sample in cm2.

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