What to do in Nashville during the Winter?

The cold months do not mean that the good times in the City of Music stop, Nashville surely shines in winter

Even if we separate the two guitars temporarily, Nashville still provides various ways for you to have a good time without getting caught in the travel chaos. Travel like a pro to Find sites that most travel magazines will never tell you about. Nashville shines in winter, with millions of holiday lights on display and seasonal entertainment. See all the ways Nashville has fun in winter. Nashville’s music, art, food, sports and special events will heat up your winter. This is a good time in the city of music. We bring you the number of things to entertain yourself in Nashville this winter. 

Enter some of the most iconic locations of Nashville

As long as social distance is maintained walking should be considered a safe way to explore. Though Nashville is a mountainous city, there are a variety of great routes around the town to discover some local history and exercise at the same time. Nashville Sites collected some themed walking routes from 1-2 miles, focusing on architecture, history, restaurants and music. Fasten your shoes and go hiking!

Try an Old Town Trolley ride

If the weather is cold, taking a trolleybus is a good way to explore the city. Ride the old city trolley to several popular destinations of Nashville with a cup of hot cocoa in hand. Is there a better way? This route has 15 stops, covering the city, and disembarking passengers within the steps of must-visit attractions. You can even see someone who shares footage behind-the-scenes about the country music capital of the world! Consider what this can bring? Make up your mind and visit Nashville by makingKLM Reservationsthis winter.

Experience the Christmas Dancing lights

During Christmas, one of the best activities in Nashville is to watch the light of Christmas dance. This is a holiday event, you will not forget it! The crazy experience indulges visitors in a brightly lit winter wonderland. In sync with the festive mood (accessible via your car radio), thousands of Christmas lights will dance as visitors drive across the display! Tickets are US$25 per car, which is well worth it. Gather the entire family and admire this magical decoration from your warm vehicle. The event starts at 5 pm. Every night in early November.

Walk around south 12

The most walkable commercial street in Nashville is 12th Avenue which is a mile long. To the south, the streets are lined with interesting restaurants, bars, coffee shops and boutiques. There is also the idyllic Sevier Park at the south end, which is an ideal place for you to enjoy a picnic lunch from the new Asian hot spot locust, the reliable old South 12 Taproom or Taqueria del Sol.

Visit the historical Tennessee State Museum

The modern New Tennessee State Museum has fortunately upgraded their technical game as they moved to a new place in Germantown, offering an online tour of its permanent collection, a discussion video by a guest lecturer, and a personal story told in colored characters Blogs and even downloadable coloring pages for kids.

The winter temperatures in Nashville are cool, but not enough to prevent amazing holiday trips. Visit the city by making Spirit Airlines reservations at this magical time of the year,and see how this Music City is full of vitality, hosting many high-energy concerts.

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