Two Weeks in Europe

What to Pack for Two Weeks in Europe?

Whether as a first time or a frequent traveler, traveling somewhere far from home requires a lot of preparation. If you’re planning for a two-week trip to Europe, you should be determined to do a great job when it comes to packing for the journey. With the Delta Airlines Reservations, you’ll be able to land in London or any other city of Europe without issues. However, what about packing? Well, you’ll have to do some work in this area. When you think about the trip, you might remember all the trips you had in the past where you tool clothes you never wore and lugged that over-packed suitcase across the region you went to. You don’t want to experience that again.

So, what do you really need to pack when you’re planning to spend two weeks in Europe? Below, find a checklist of what to include in your bag for the trip.  

Clothes and Outfit

When it comes to clothes, you better think neutral. Some people prefer black clothes for traveling. It’s very easy to dress up and dress down with black. Think of a black jacket, black pants, and shoes that can go a long way.

Packing two pairs of shoes will serve you well so that you have one pair for walking and another for dressing up a bit. You can think of comfortable scandals as dressy and suitable for walking. Additionally, scarves and colorful shirts can really jazz up your outfits. It’s good to remember that Europe is a bit dressier than other regions like the US. Skipping items like cut-offs, running shoes and other jogging outfits will make you feel more comfortable.

Plastic Bags for your Extra Staff

Plastic bags can be a nice friend. You’ll be able to pack your underwear and knits in compression bags that get rid of all the air. These special bags are easily accessible. Alternatively, you can utilize regular zipper plastic bags and suck out the air using a straw until it all gets flat. In there, you can put your additional pair of shows and put your travel toiletries case to ensure that nothing gets messy in case something springs a leak.  

Tip: It’s important to ensure that you pack as light as possible even though you’ll be spending two weeks there. Take only the luggage that you manage on your own. If you might take a train somewhere, you’ll require putting the luggage on and off the train yourself. If you’ll be staying in a 3-start hotel or even 4-star hotels, you might find the room quite small and there’s little space for extra luggage. So, packing light will be a good move. Ensure you book your flight with a reputable airline company. You can also take advantage of American Airlines Reservations for almost convenience.

A little Umbrella and Curling Iron

It will help to always think of a compact umbrella, just in case. If you’re ready, you won’t have to think of packing a hairdryer because it’s likely that most hotels have them already. Instead, carrying a curling iron can be a good idea, and for that case, you can think of a dual voltage model. Numerous curling irons are designed as dual voltage and you can find a quality one in the market without spending a fortune.

Converter and an Adaptor Kit

You should know what electrical equipment you need to pack. That’s because Europe is on 220V, which means that if you plug your electrical appliance into a European outlet with an Adaptor without a Converter, things might not work for you. You’ll need a converter for your camera charger, computer, hair curler, and other electrical appliance brought to Europe.

A converter will help to convert the 220 to 11 volts so that your electrical appliances will work without issues. An outlet in France for example might not be the same as one in Great Britain. So, for your trip to Europe, you should ensure you pack a converter and an adaptor kit that includes adaptors for all European countries.

Essential Documents

You also need to remember to pack some important documents like photocopies of your passport, credit cards, and hotel membership cards. Additionally, you should ensure that these documents have numbers to call in case they get lost. Pack the documents in a zippered pocket in your bag and carry-on. Another important thing to note is not to carry anything of great value in your checked luggage. Things like jewelry, cameras, and PDA’s require being in your carry-on.

Paperback Books

You can pack some paperback books to read so that you keep yourself occupied and avoid getting bored. Don’t bring with you heavy guidebooks, however. Print out the information from travel sites and leave them behind when you’re finished with them.


Packing for a long trip, especially to Europe can be overwhelming and particularly if you’re traveling for the first time. Fortunately, the above tips will help you during the packing process. Additionally, you can have your flight booked in advance with Delta Airlines Reservations to ensure you have a smooth, enjoyable, and unforgettable journey.

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